“A guidebook to help you enjoy Japan in a safe and pleasant way”


Tokyo, the Japanese capital rich in natural, historical, and cultural resources for travelers to enjoy, has now become one of the top tourist destinations in the world, positioned at the top of the list of cities people worldwide want to visit. Now, as the public and private sectors come together for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the ever-evolving city of Tokyo is attracting attention worldwide as a symbol of the 21st century.
Having created its own culture through a fusion of tradition and innovation, Tokyo captures the hearts of visitors and does not let go, like a treasure chest filled with jewels.
In 2017, SHOEISHA Co.,Ltd. published a guidebook called the SOMPO GUIDE TOKYO for foreigners who visit Japan and have the opportunity to open this "treasure chest".
This guidebook has been published with the full support of Sompo Holdings, Inc. which provides the highest quality of service as well as assistance to customers' safety, security and health, through a broader range of business activities based on insurance services, and is packed with the essentials to help you enjoy Tokyo in a safe and pleasant way.
Take advantage of this SOMPO GUIDE TOKYO book and enjoy Tokyo!


The SOMPO GUIDE TOKYO is characterized by the 3 "CANs"

1) You can get a taste of Tokyo

One of the pleasures of travel is eating. After all, if you visit Tokyo, you should go to the popular restaurants loved by the Japanese people. Since this guide features a restaurant introduction page with icons for information such as availability of foreign staff, English guidance, Wi-Fi, whether credit cards are accepted, foreign language homepages, and tax free availability, you can choose a restaurant with peace of mind.

2) You can feel Tokyo

Besides the traditional Japanese temples and shrines common in other guide books, you can also find information on spots where you can experience the subculture represented by anime and "kawaii" culture, as well as many places recommended by famous Japanese artists. This guide is full of information that will satisfy even repeat visitors to Tokyo who have gotten tired of the typical tourist spots.

3) You can enjoy Tokyo

The biggest worries of those visiting Japan are the customs and manners unique to Japan and the language. Since this book offers plenty of commentary on Japanese customs, such as manners in public areas as well as the proper ways to eat and use the restroom, you can integrate yourself into Japan and feel that you have become Japanese just for a moment. In addition, if you are in trouble and cannot communicate using words, you can communicate with the Japanese passers-by using the “point and speak” page in the guide book, so even those visiting Japan for the first time can have a safe and secure journey.



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The 8 keywords for enjoying Tokyo

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Short trips (Nikko, Kamakura, Hakone, Mount Fuji)
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#1 Seven feature to express Japanese people
#2 Kabukicho
#3 Learn about Tsukiji Market!
#4 Easy-to-understand “Tokyo History”
#5 Tokyo Nightlife
#6 The world of sushi
#7 List of well-known restaurants located in Tokyo
#8 Things about “Japanese souvenirs”
#9 Tokyo is a hidden city of hot springs

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Transportation (information from the airport to the city)
Information on Tokyo Transportation
Japan’s literary calendar
Travel tips
Manners and customs
Japanese Cuisine
The useful facilities at Tokyo Station
Japanese Phrasebook
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